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Those Magic 10 Wardrobe Essentials

Next in the continuing review of those 10 magic wardrobe essentials is a look back at some of the outfits I put together using them! After all, they wouldn’t be wardrobe essentials if we didn’t use them regularly to create many different looks.

These are some very basic looks created from the 10 Wardrobe Essentials that can take you just about anywhere and only required the essentials, and the bonus item, with a few pieces of jewelry. Five different looks, all classics, all chic and all easy as to put together from the basic wardrobe essentials.

Which after all, is the point of building a capsule wardrobe of essentials. So you have easy options for mixing and matching and can get dressed without putting too much thought into it!

Tomorrow, I will share some photos pulled together of other looks I have worn over the past 9 months that also highlighted these fantastic 10 wardrobe essentials. Hopefully this is giving you a chance to think about what items you have in your wardrobe that are essential to creating your classic style.

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Wardrobe Essential – Blazing a Trail My Way

While I am sharing this most important wardrobe essential with you, I thought I’d also share how I go about blazing a trail my way.

Which really means, let’s have a look at some ways to wear the wardrobe essential blazer!

Previous Trail Blazing Looks

You would have seen these first four looks in previous My Way articles on “Blue”berry, Black & White, Business Trip Packing and Jeany in a Bottle (my tie-dye DIY).

Trail Blazing in Brown and Lime

I have used my retro 60s style blazer with the funky brown and lime green print as the focus of this look. Layering a long-sleeved brown t-shirt under a lime green sweater vest and then topping it off with the blazer. The bottom half is my thrift store maxi length brown skirt and my brown sued boots. The handbag is neutral, by Coach and the necklace is from my Lust Have – Statement necklace haul. It’s a good look for both work and casual and is one of those outfits that I wear all the time because it works for so many occasions.

Hot Pink Blazing Bright

For this look I have used the black Ralph Lauren pants from the wardrobe essentials with a pink t-shirt, the pink wedges from my Lust-Have Haul (they were bonuses), the black handbag also from theĀ  10 wardrobe essentials, and my Marni inspired $5 vintage find blazer! The look is completed with a beaded necklace, purple suede belt and some bracelets.

Blazing a Corporate Trail

This suit is the charcoal grey with pin-stripe suit I had made in Hong Kong. Rather than wear it with a white button-down, I like to take a little of the corporate out of the look by wearing it with a denim shirt. I’d never get away with wearing blue jeans to work so this is my way to slip it in. Adding in the turquoise jewelry keeps the look more relaxed and wearing the heeled ankle boot rather than stilettos works well for the currently colder days here in the Southern Hemisphere.

Blazing Street Style

Just in case you need a little more inspiration on how to style your blazers and to make sure you are getting maximum potential out of this wardrobe essential, I thought I would include these inspiring looks from fashionistas around the world.

Are you a fashion trail blazer? Or are you just learning how to dress in a blaze of glory?

Blazing a Trail – A Closer Look at a Wardrobe Essential

So the last two posts have been about the 10 Wardrobe Essentials and it got me thinking more about my blazers. You may recall how I’ve shown you a massive collection of jumpers/sweaters and pretty good collection of midi to maxi length skirts? Well, I am about to blaze the trail for my blazers!

My collection of 10 Blazers (one is hard to see in this pic)

I’m also starting to freak myself out with how many options I have! And you are probably starting to get the true picture of why I went on a 90 shopping hiatus!

Um, in all fairness…I can explain…really…it’s not as bad as it looks!

The 2 that started it all!

When I moved to Australia, I had sold or given away a lot of my possessions. As for clothing, I moved here with two large suitcases and those included shoes and vintage jewelry. After settling in here I started to find my new style. The style that I had played at in my early 20′s and then seemed to lose in my 30′s, I finally got back in my 40′s. Sure hope it sticks around this time!

Anyway, these two blazers were purchased from a local department store. I love the cream and brown print with its mandarin collar and lime green lining it has a very retro vibe going on. The bright green blazer with the embroidered flowers is beautiful to look at and with oriental prints making a comeback is still on trend. Unfortunately I have only ever worn it once in nearly 7 years. I think it is beautiful but I just feel it is too bright for me and wearing it with black seems too predictable and just not right.

Blazing a Trail – Custom

You already know the nude coloured blazer from the 10 Wardrobe Essentials post as well as from a number of other looks. Under it is the blazer from the other suit that I had made in Hong Kong, it is a dark charcoal grey with a very thin pin-stripe. Just to the right of those two blazers are two blazer/jackets I had made in Schenzen China about 5 years ago. They are slightly longer than the other blazers as they come to mid-thigh, which works okay for me because I am so tall. The one on the bottom is a plaid with a burnt orange stripe. I absolutely L-O-V-E the one on top! Everything from the colours to the way the colourful pieces of silk fabric look confetti. Both are too big to wear as fitted blazer but they look great over jumpers in the winter and with belts during the spring and autumn.

Blazing a Trail – Tuxedo Up!

I also love this white tuxedo jacket with its black trim. It’s very masculine in its appearance but the cut is so fitted to show off the feminine! And the price was right as I purchased it early this year at Glassons for about $50. Underneath is a grey and black tweed style jacket that I purchased from Target a couple of years ago. It’s got padded out shoulders which work really well with all things 70s and 80s. I particularly like to wear it with wide leg pants to go full 70s.

Blazing a Trail – Bargain Style

These last two blazers were both bargains. The pink one with the Marni style print was purchased from a vintage shop over the summer for $5! It is a great blazer with a nipped in waist and so warm that it can only be worn in the winter or on chilly nights. The blue blazer was purchased from H & M while in the US in February. I couldn’t pass it up at $50 and it reminded me a bit of Chanel, so I had to have it!

Well, there you have it. Not only a closer look at a wardrobe essential, but more opportunity to blaze a trail through my personal wardrobe!

I’ll see what looks I can pull together using these blazers for tomorrow.



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