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The Plaid Trend 2012 – My Way

I thought I should share with you how I have embraced the plaid trend in my wardrobe. Here it is, Tartan…I did it my way!

Plaid Trend – Working It! – I wear this look or something very similar to work pretty regularly. You may remember me talking about this skirt when I was sharing all my vintage skirts. It’s a great length for work, hitting just at the knee and the pockets are handy for carrying a few extra items I need while running around the hospital. I have matched my vintage plaid skirt up with a lacy mustard coloured shirt from Glassons to bring out the bright mustardy colour in the plaid. This office look gets a bit of a 70s feel with the tan coloured fish net stockings and the brown suede boots. The boho necklace, brown leather handbag and bangles add to the retro vibe. Just to keep it a little modern I have added in my leopard print scarf and the classic tan trench coat.

Rockin’ the Plaid Trend – I have to admit, I can’t decide if this look leans too much to country or gangster?! But I kind of like it either way! The plaid shirt is from Cotton On, purchased last year. It’s worn over one of my many white button-down shirts. The rock vibe comes from the black leather pants, red laser-cut suede ankle boots and the leopard print Mulberry handbag. Rather than use a necklace I have tied a bandana scarf around the neck and it’s this piece that is giving it the country/gangster feel. I would probably wear the look but change out the scarf for a few black beaded necklaces.

Chic City Plaid – I LOVE this Tommy Hilfiger plaid shift dress! It was purchased back in the summer at the outlet shop and I have already worn it a few times this winter. For this look I was thinking how would I do plaid if I were headed to Melbourne for the weekend? Of course I had to do it my way which meant adding the red cowboy boots! I’ve layered the dress over a grey ribbed light weight jumper/sweater and black leggings. Besides accessorizing with the cowboy boots I have used my old trusty red Guess handbag (because I can fit a small umbrella and my black mac inside should it start to rain), some long red leather gloves, my favourite white watch and the scarab necklace I shared with you in the Bug Trend post.

So now that you have seen the Plaid Trend done my way…how are you doing plaid?

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Mission Impossible – Not So!

I have done it! The Mission Impossible of not shopping for 90 days has turned out to be possible!

At last my 90 days in the wilderness are complete!

Not that I am excited to have survived my 90 days in the wilderness!

Over this past week I have been sharing with you items on my Lust Have List and less expensive options for achieving those looks. Today I will give you the full list and what I have budgeted for each item.

Then if I am able to search out the looks for less that I want I will share those items with you and begin incorporating them into my wardrobe with follow-up posts that include pics.

Of course all of this will occur during the next couple of weeks and on into the next 90 days. As I mentioned before. I have set myself a budget of $1000 to update my wardrobe and find the items on my list after which I will be putting myself into shopping exile again for another 90 days. That will bring me to just before our trip to Spain and then all bets are off!

So, on to the list and the budget…

1. Metal Capped Toe Pumps/Heels – $200 - There is no way I can go through the next 90 days without buying into this trend. As I have said in my post last week about the look – I have to have it!

2. Denim Jacket – $100 - Not sure if I will go for a new jacket that looks vintage or just go vintage. It’s going to depend on the price.

3. A couple of shirts/blouses – colours to look for burgundy, mustard or taupe – $200 – I want some shirts/blouses that are flexible to wear to work or play and work into my wardrobe which is why I have chosen these colours. Plus the burgundy is one of the current must have colours happening in all the fashion magazines. I would like to get at least two new blouses for the $200 but will have to see what I find.

4. 40s style (below the knee) Dress  – $150 – No need to tell you all about this one, you know I love the Miu Miu 40s style dresses and that is what I am looking for. At a much smaller price!

5. Black Handbag – $100 – I know, $100 is not going to get me a Chanel and not likely to get me anything quilted or with a chain, but I need a plain black bag that can get me through to next August when I can make the big purchase of the real thing!

6. A Statement Necklace – $100 – I need something to add a bit of pizzazz to the more plain looks in my wardrobe. As I have a fair few beaded statement pieces and a hammered gold neck cuff, I’ll be looking for something gold and big!

7. The Cuff Bracelet – $50 – I will be looking for something silver because I really don’t have many silver bangles. Well I do have three but they are very thin so I want something big and bold.

8. Scarves – $100 -I know, $100 seems like a lot to be spending on scarves. But after thinking long and hard about how to change-up my wardrobe, and the fact that it is now winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, scarves seemed like a pretty smart investment. I’m hoping to get 4 or 5 good ones on this budget but will take what I can get and go with what I find.

If you were totaling that up, you’ll see that is the $1000 budget!

I’m really hoping that I can do a little better than that and either not spend the whole budget or get a couple of other items that I have been keeping my eye on.

Wish me well and please share any tips you have for where I might find items from my Lust Have list at or near the budget.

How do you think I’ll go? Will I be able to get everything on my list? Or will it be Mission Impossible?

90 Day Challenge Nearly Complete

This blog started because of a 90 day challenge I set for myself, and that 90 days is nearly complete!

I wanted to get through 90 days without purchasing any items of clothing or accessories. So no shoes, handbags, scarves or jewelry either! I was going to spend 90 days looking at current fashion trends and creating those looks (or my version) from the clothing I already had in my wardrobe. And I thought, why not blog about it. After all, I was going to need something to do with my time since I wouldn’t be heading out to the shops on my days off! That is how As Time Goes, Buy was born.

The first two weeks were hard HARD! All I could think about was going to the shops, looking at my favourite online shops and making a big HUGE list of what I was going to buy when my 90 days in the wilderness were up. All of this was compounded by attending L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival where I fell in love with a number of designers and most of their collection!

However, with time and encouragement from all my new blogosphere friends and followers, I pressed on, determined to make it.

A few weeks ago, I realised I was getting close to being finished with the challenge and actually had mixed feelings. “What would this mean to my shopping habits?”, “Did I really need to go back to shopping the way I had before?”, “What had I learned about myself and my wardrobe during the challenge?”, and “What would this mean to the blog that I actually had become quite fond of?”!!

The answers to those questions, “I don’t want to go back to my old shopping habits, I want to be more thoughtful about what I buy”, “No, I don’t need or want to go back to the old ways”, “This challenge has taught me that I don’t NEED more stuff and that in fact I already have quite a bit. Plus there is more of a challenge in keeping the purchasing to a minimum and making it work than there is in simply going out and buying all the time”.

The last question was the toughest to answer.

But it all boiled down to, “How could I stop it all now”…so I won’t! What I will do, is have a serious look at that big long list of items I wanted and narrow it down to the items I think I really need or want that will add a bit more versatility to my wardrobe and maybe give it a bit more style. I have set myself a budget and will see how much of what I want I am actually able to get. Then I will spend the next 90 days, incorporating those items into my wardrobe, creating new looks and modifying for the change of seasons from winter to the beginning of spring.

Near the end of the next 90 days, the Fashion Mister and I will be spending month in Spain. Where I plan to spend a lot of money shopping at Zara, Loewe‘s and any cool Spanish boutiques I can find!

So in this last week of my first 90 days in the wilderness challenge, I will be blogging about the items that are on my MUST HAVE LUST HAVE list. I have a week to plot how I can get them all for less than $1000.

I’m open to suggestions and advice so please share!

p.s. None of the above wardrobes/closets are mine. Although I would be more than happy to remedy that!

Vintage Looks – The 3 Cardigans

As we continue our journey through vintage looks from my wardrobe, I wanted to make sure I included the 3 cardigans.

You may have noticed by now, I’m a huge fan of cardigans, vintage or not, I love them! So easy to throw on when you need to keep off the chill or tie a look together, even finish a look with a little polish or professionalism. A cardigan can really give you a classic finish.

These 3 cardigans are particular favourites for all those reasons, as well as they were hard to resist. I think the greenish one was the most expensive of the lot and it cost $7.99! Bargain!!

Vintage Cardigan – Brown with Orange Flecks – If you know me, then you know I fell in love with this cardigan because it has orange flecks in it. Which of course means that it will go with my vast array of orange clothing. I particularly like the cardigan belted over this orange vintage inspired dress. by wearing it with the leopard print shoes it makes a great work look. But lets face it, a cardigan is just as at home on the weekend with a pair of jeans which is another reason to have a great selection of them.

Vintage Cardigan/Jacket – You can better see the colours of this cardigan/jacket in the above pic. I like the black and brown mix but it was the large button/snaps and the almost blazer look of the cardigan that got me to purchase it even though it needed a little stitching around the collar. For under $5 I thought I could take the ten minutes to re-stitch the collar in the two spots where it was a bit loose. For this look I have paired the cardigan with a vintage brown t-shirt ($2 from the Salvation Army) and the brown and black zig-zag print a-line skirt (pattern seen better above) that came from a second-hand shop and cost about$5. To bring it all together I have used a wide brown belt purchased as part of another outfit, brown necklace purchased for $5 while on the Nile in Egypt, my Coach handbag and brown suede boots. The Coach bag was purchased at an outlet store in Southern California 18 months ago for $150 (original price $499) and the boots are about 3 years old, purchased in Melbourne for $300 (1/2 price from $600). So without the handbag and boots the look cost $17. One of the many reasons I love vintage!

Vintage Cardigan goes Romantic – You should remember seeing the furry green cardigan last week when I did the maxi skirt 3 ways. This furry lovely is soooo warm and it makes you feel like you are getting a big cuddle. I also like the colours as they are versatile and can be worn with a wide variety of other colours. Who would have thought pale yellow, olive, aqua and beige could look this nice together. Another Salvation Army find. It’s actually a size too big but that allows me to wear it over a light weight jumper/sweater which doubles the warmth factor. The sleeves are a 3/4 length and even though the cardi is big on me they still don’t hang down and look sloppy.

There are so many cardigan choices when shopping for vintage. I tend to be attracted to those that are just that little bit different or not what you would find in the stores. I also seem to have an attraction to the most granny looking cardigans. When I was shopping with Sarah a couple of weeks ago I pulled out a cardigan that I loved only to see her curl up her face in disgust and say, “I would look like my mother in that,” to which I replied, “I actually like it for me”. She was shocked and horrified. Of course I didn’t buy it but wouldn’t have let her assessment stop me if I was at the end of my shopping break.

What do you think of cardigans? Especially vintage ones? Can you rock the granny cardi?

Vintage or Modern?

It shouldn’t be difficult to tell if this skirt is vintage or modern. After all, if you have been following the past couple of days you know we are looking at some of my vintage items!

Today I am using this skirt specifically at the request of our stylish friend Paula at dettamoda, because she has a passion for bright colours.

Can you guess which one she requested?!

As much as I love this skirt I have only ever worn it one way. Granted, I have worn it that way many times, but I just don’t seem to have a lot of items that will go with it, so this will be a bit of a challenge.

If you have been reading this blog since the Gypsy Trend you will remember seeing this look before. The only variation on this look I have done in the past is using a red cardigan instead of the red jumper/sweater.

So, I guess we should get started and see what I can find in my wardrobe!

The Fringe of Vintage – One of the things I love about this skirt and the reason I bought it is because of the colours and print. The tangerine, red and pink all used together is such a big trend this season. As you know I am in love with orange, have recently discovered the attitude to wear red and am currently having a girlie crush on bright pink…so this skirt was destined to be mine. For this look I have also used a red fitted tank top, a lacy fringe overlay, and a pair of my beloved orange suede pumps.

Accessories for this look include an orange beaded cuff bracelet, tan & brown tribal inspired clutch and my orange double wrap watch. I also have an orange glass bead necklace made by a friend.

To me this look is fresh and carefree. Good for spring and summer and especially for a weekend!

Vintage Office Brights – Even though this look would work for a fun weekend away, the tailored white shirt keeps it crisp enough to wear to work. I like the ruffled treatment on the shirt that runs up the front and widens at the shoulders which gives it a very modern look. The co-stars of this look are the vintage pink, red and orange scarf, the red suede ankle boots and the bright orange tote (which was free as from L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival). I like that the tote is big enough to throw in a cardigan if the office gets chilly. It’s also plenty big enough to fit your lunch for those days you have to stay in the office.

The scarf is actually very pretty and would look just as lovely tied in your hair or wrapped as a headband. Scarves are such a great way to express some individuality and add colour to your looks. If you have a lot of basics in your wardrobe a scarf can update any look and cover any seasonal trend without costing a fortune.

Vintage Winter Brights – Okay, I know this doesn’t look that much different from the first look…but it is winter here and I do have to create a few looks that I can wear now! Even though it may be hard to tell in this pic, underneath is a pale yellow cashmere jumper/sweater by Ralph Lauren that I wear with everything! On top is a felted red jacket, but a cardigan would work too, and a red necklace purchased on the Nile in Egypt. Then to finish it off I used my tried and true big red Guess bag and well-worn red cowboy boots. What can I say, sometimes you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

Paula, I hope I didn’t disappoint. This one was much harder for me and my brights challenged wardrobe than it would have been for you!

I have to say that I am really looking forward to warmer weather to wear the look with the white sleeveless shirt…but I may get away with adding a red cardigan this winter if I can’t wait until October!

More vintage from my wardrobe tomorrow. See you then!

The Vintage Trend – In the Beginning

As I mentioned yesterday, the beginning of my vintage trend once in Australia was the crocodile handbag, so I thought I would use it and the vintage Cue top to get this series started.

Obviously the handbag is TOO stylish! Such a retro profile an in such great condition! How could I have resisted its voice calling to me? And the top, lovely summer top, cut down to there, corset waist to show off the curves, and polka dots! Such a hot trend. I clearly remember that it only cost $10. I’m sure you can understand.

Vintage Summer – Even though we are rugging up because it is so cold here in the Southern Hemisphere, I couldn’t resist using these two lovelies to create a really cute summer look. I have paired the vintage Cue top with my linen Ralph Lauren shorts, the crocodile handbag, long polka-dotted socks, a stack of bracelets, a gold neck cuff and the fiercely heeled hiking boots. Of course these boots weren’t made for hiking! If it were a spring day, I would wear this look with a pair of tights, or even brown fish nets. With the addition of a cream coloured cardigan it can work for spring or autumn.

The Vintage Luncheon – I’ve really gotten the vintage trend going with this look. Again, the vintage Cue shirt and the handbag, this time paired with a vintage brown midi-length skirt purchased from the Salvation Army Thrift Shop for $6.99. I have accessorised with a short strand of vintage pearls, plus a long strand that I have doubled, two vintage gold and pearl necklaces, matching pearl earrings and a vintage pearl bracelet, mostly from my mother and grandmother.

One of the vintage single drop pearl necklaces and the matching earrings were purchased at auction a couple of year ago for $35 and the doubled strand of pearls was purchased in Hong Kong last year for about $40. Besides that one strand of pearls the only thing not vintage are the snake-skin Jessica Simpson wedges purchased at a discount shop in the US for $45. This cute look could be worn for a girls luncheon, to work or even on date night with The Fashion Mister.

The Business of Vintage – The final look using both the Cue and Croc vintage pieces, gets down to business and is a great look for the office. I have used my cream coloured Halston Heritage light-weight wool pants. Although “Heritage” is in the name they are relatively new from Shopbop.com and even on sale at 70% off they weren’t cheap. Over top is a TS jacket purchased from Myer about 7 years ago. I fell in love with the retro look of the print and the mandarin collar. The jacket has had to be altered to fit the newer me. To finish the look are a pair of nude patent leather heels purchased at that same discount shop in the US (honestly can’t remember if it was TJ Maxx or Ross Dress for Less – I know one of them seems to carry more designer stuff), and they were under $50.

Accessories for this look are a large brown beaded necklace on ribbon and a little stack of copper and wire bracelets.  I really like the lime green lining. Just a secret splash of colour!

Don’t you just love the pattern in the jacket?

1 Skirt x 3 Ways

The idea for this challenge of 1 Skirt x 3 Ways, came from my 7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Challenge. You’ll remember the mustard coloured skirt I used in Day One of the challenge. Well I love that skirt but don’t seem to wear it very often. So I thought I could challenge myself to pull together 3 new looks using the skirt.

And what better time than the present? Of course I was even more motivated when the Fashion Mister announced that he was taking me out to dinner. You see, it’s the anniversary of the day we met so he brought home a little bouquet of Gerber Daisies and informed me he had made reservations at the restaurant where we had gotten engaged. I know! How sweet! The Fashion Mister is the romantic one in our house and I am lucky to have him!


…what could I wear that was nice? Something that wasn’t the standard or usual go to?

It is winter after all. I mean autumn just sort of took a pass this year and we have gone straight to freezing cold!

Look 1 – Dressy - I’ve been thinking about putting this Glassons jumper/sweater with this skirt for ages and lately I have seen so many hi-low skirts, that are obviously on trend,  so I modified the look to work for me. I don’t think I would buy a hi-low skirt because most of them remind me too much of the “mullet” hair-style that is just so wrong. It looks fantastic on younger women with great legs, but you know I hate my knees so probably not for me. However, I put on a pair of dark mustard coloured short leggings, folded up the hem on one side and then pinned it with a brooch that was my grandmother’s and that I had used in my bridal bouquet on our wedding day. See, the Fashion Mister isn’t the only one that can be romantic! I had to belt the waist of the jumper to give myself some shape and then finished accessorizing with blue, copper and gold bangles.

Look 2 – Winter Warmer - I did mention that it is winter here in the Southern Hemisphere didn’t I? Even though this skirt is light-weight cotton, which is why it flows so nicely, I wanted a look that could be worn in winter. It was easier than I thought! A turquoise colored top, a big fuzzy jumper that I purchased from the Salvation Army Thrift Shop for less than $6.00, tights and my brown suede boots. Add in some jewelry, a belt to give me a waist and the vintage owl necklace from my mum. There you go. Toasty and warm! The colours in the cardigan pull together the mustards and turquoise which make the whole thing work really nicely together. Plus I love all the vintage and thrifted bits to this look. It makes it more eclectic, more me and my style.

Look 3 – Autumn or Spring - This look would work equally well for Autumn or Spring. The colours say autumn (because they are the colours that work best for me), but the fabrics and floral print work well for spring (all soft, flowing and girlie). I decided to mix into the stack of bangles a couple of purple ones to bring out some of the purple in the floral print. The beaded necklace gives it a gypsy chic, boho chic, vibe and the wide brown belt shows off my curves. You can just see the bottom of my massively high cork wedges that just happen to be a perfect mustardy match for the skirt!

So there you go, one fairly inexpensive cotton skirt from Glassons ($25.00 on sale) styled to give me three different looks for three different times of the year or seasons of my life if you will.

Which was your favourite? What else could I do with this skirt to get more from my 1 Skirt x 3 Ways?

Remodeling Sarah – Wardrobe Revamp – Going Shopping Part 2

I couldn’t do a wardrobe revamp for Sarah and only take her to the Thrift Shops! That just wouldn’t be right. As I mentioned previously, most of her clothes are hand-me-downs from a friend so it was important that we get into some shops that sold new clothes!

However, because she is a busy working mum I wanted to keep it somewhere close to home (I shop in Melbourne all the time – but a 3 hour round trip wasn’t going to work for a mum doing the school drop and pick-up). It was also important that we keep the price reasonable, because most mums can get a case of the guilts when they spend money on themselves.

So after the great thrift shop haul we headed to my two other favourite shops…Target and Glassons.

I have loved Target since my US life and find lots of great basics and some good sale items there. Glassons is a New Zealand based chain who also carry great basics in lots of colours, cardigans, skinny jeans, cute shirts and dresses. Plus another thing about Glassons is they always are bringing in fresh stock, so if you don’t find ten things you like today, come back next week and you will!

One thing we noticed pretty quickly at Target was that they had all their accessories marked down. Sarah went crazy with the costume jewelry! She bought a black and silver beaded necklace, a pink and bronze beaded necklace and several other pieces that would compliment the wardrobe she was building and not one single piece cost more than $10!

She took a few things into the dressing room to try on…black jeans, they were great, she bought them. A lacy pale pink crop top, she originally wanted to try on a size or two bigger but I made her stick to her proper size, good thing she did, she loved it and bought it too! There was a really cool fake fur vest but they only had it in a medium and it looked too big on her so she passed. There was a pair of plaid trousers that looked good on the hanger but with the pleated front and straight legs, they just weren’t flattering as they made Sarah look fat! Trust me, there has to be a lot wrong to make my dear friend look like she has a jelly roll and saddle bags!

The other reject was this striped sweater dress. You can see it looked great on Sarah, that was not the problem. What was, is that she has a grey sweater dress, a red sweater dress and a black and white sweater dress…did she really need to add this one? We decided that she would leave it and if when we finished at Glassons she still wanted it, we would come back…we didn’t go back!

Then on to Glassons. This turquoise colour is a perfect match for Sarah’s eyes. We had collected three different styles all the same colour. Glad to say this dual length shirt with the cut-outs at the front of the shoulders was my pick and ended up going home with Sarah. The colour was perfect, the dual length made it comfortable for her and the fabric meant it could be dressed up or down as Sarah sees fit. She really wanted a pair of white jeans and I talked her int trying on the white skinny jeans. I didn’t win this one. She hated them. Felt too self-conscious about her legs. So we agreed that a white pair of “regular” jeans would be a better option. She tried on another faux fur vest here with better luck in the sizing and found a great pair of light brown ankle boots for less than $50.

Sarah was on a mission to find a white shirt. Even though when I was helping her with the initial Revamp of her wardrobe she had a few. She said that now that she was paying closer attention to her clothes she realised a number of items had stains or were missing buttons so she wanted to replace them. Good thinking was my response!

As we had a mission to find a white shirt and white jeans we went to Myer…no luck there. Any white shirts they had were too much like business shirts and were over a $100. Really not suitable for Sarah’s remodeling. So we found our way to Jeans West were we struck gold on both white articles. Sarah tried on the white bootleg 301 jeans. We went with the bootleg so they wouldn’t be so tight around her calves and would obviously be able to be worn with boots. She liked them…a lot…they were on sale…2 for $100…so she bought some dark brown moleskin ones as well.

The white shirt was just the right amount of dressy and casual which is perfect for Sarah’s lifestyle. She will mostly wear it either over a t-shirt or under a vest, cardigan or jumper/sweater. The sleeves can be rolled up or left down for a more formal look and the best thing…no stains!

Of course with three kids, a dog and 5 acres to look after, not sure how long that will last! At least she knows where she can go to get another one.

Over all it was a pretty successful day. I saw my friend the fashion caterpillar turn into a butterfly, Sarah completed a full on revamp of her wardrobe (with my help) and she spent less than $400 to do it!

I’ll try to catch some update photos in the future if you’re interested.

So, do tell. What do you think? Was this helpful? Did you learn anything? Or is there something that you would have done differently?

I’d love to do more of this! How fun to look through someone else’s wardrobe and then spend their money!

Remodeling Sarah – Wardrope Revamp Part 3 – Getting Dressed Up

Now it’s time to amp-up the Revamp of Sarah’s wardrobe!

Just a reminder…Sarah is a working mum of three young ones…most of her wardrobe has been given to her by another friend…she is somewhat fashion challenged…we are doing a remodel of her wardrobe, starting by working with things she has already.

Yesterday was about the casual and neat casual looks Sarah could wear every day. Today we will dabble at looks that are a little dressier. Most of the time the dressy items Sarah wants is if she is going out with her husband or they are meeting friends out for dinner. We aren’t talking gala balls or walking the red carpet. She just wants a few looks that are little bit fancier than normal and that she will still be quite comfortable in!

To start we just took a small step from the casual looks. Sarah has two of these dresses in her wardrobe. They are pretty basic shift dresses, one with a black background and with white, as seen here. However, they both look a little granny (well too old for Sarah – even too old for me and I AM a granny!). So what we did was styled the dress like a skirt by putting on a pale pink jumper/sweater over top and adding on a big cream coloured scarf and some lovely little nude coloured shoes. Sarah could also wear this look with brown boots for a more casual vibe. Or she could pull on a shirt over the dress, belt it and add a jacket/blazer for a more professional look.

This orange look is also just a little more than casual but I thought it was interesting to use the blue long-sleeved t-shirt and the orange granny cardigan that Sarah loves to create something just a little dressy. So we paired them up with a long chiffon shirt that is long enough to be worn as a dress. Add in the black leggings and black boots to provide layers for the winter months. What I like about this look is that we used one of Sarah’s favourite cardigans in both a casual and a dressy look. So it shows her that items don’t have to be one or the other, that they can do double duty! Which means when she does buy new clothes she can be looking for items that will work hard for her and mix with her lifestyle.

This third look was born around the classics. Most women would have similar items in their wardrobe and could pull together a similar look. It could be more colourful but it wouldn’t be far off these basic pieces. We started with a grey pencil skirt (any colour would work), paired it with a white long-sleeved button down shirt (again, any colour or print would work), then we added a grey vest (it could be loose like this one, or fitted like one from a suit). We accessorised with Sarah’s black boots and a grey strand of freshwater pearls. Sarah can wear with stockings, tights or leggings depending on how she feels and what’s happening with the weather. I think to dress it up more I would wear with a pair of patterned stockings or maybe even fish net stockings! Thicker tights or leggings would keep the look a little less fancy.

With a slight tweak to the previous look we have a slightly more evening out look. We traded one white shirt for a flowy chiffon white top and the grey pencil skirt for black. Rather than the vest we used a little black shrug, but could have used a black cardigan. Actually, any colour cardigan would have worked nicely we just wanted to stick with a clean black and white scheme. To give the look a little sparkle we used a lacy scarf with lots of fringe and placed over top of it a silver and white beaded necklace also with a fringe effect. The shoes are a little pair of strappy heels with rhinestone detail. I think this is a nice look for dinner with Mr. Sarah.

The black stripe detail on this jumper/sweater reminded me of the Yacht Club and it was another of Sarah’s favourite items so we thought we should work with it. For this look we have simply matched it with the black fringe scarf, black pants and black boots, but we also did the same look with the rhinestone strappy sandals and it looked great. We continued to work this basic and I showed Sarah that she could trade out the black pants and use the black pencil skirt. Again using patterned stockings or tights to change-up the look. We also added a black blazer to give another layer. That is the beauty of working with good basics and accessories in black and white…the options are endless!

We continued with the black and white theme and moved on to this really cool white fringe dress that Sarah has. She wore it to a big charity dinner she and I organised last year and looked fantastic but she was concerned that it was too short so we worked with it to provide adequate leg coverage and give her some options for wearing it again.

We started layering it over black leggings, but it would look just as nice with patterned tights or stockings (my beloved fish nets would be great!), added the black shrug, black freshwater pearls and a black belt. Depending on if she wears it with leggings, stockings or tights she can choose boots, strappy sandals or heels to go with this look.

We did one more dressy look with the white fringe dress. Pairing it up with black leggings and the rhinestone sandals, plus the black fringe scarf and white fringe necklace. I know it sounds like a lot of fringe but it’s not. Once you add in the black blazer for a bit of tailoring the look comes together very nicely.

Sarah had a few other things in her wardrobe that we didn’t show here and only talked about rather than put together into an outfit, but she’s been challenged by me to use those items over the next few weeks by applying what we worked on in our day of revamping her wardrobe.

Once we had a break for a glass of wine to celebrate our hard work we went back into her room to do one more look. Sarah was going to be meeting some friends at the pub that night, so I asked her to show me what she was going to wear.

She got the black shirt and pants with the boots right away. Then quickly added the blue scarf that I showed her how to turn into a vest. She wanted to use the scarf/vest because she really liked the nifty trick (I’ll share it with you all tomorrow!)…then she stopped. She kept looking at what she had done and then she repeated the challenge I had given her earlier in the day, “add one more thing”, and she grabbed the fringe necklace!

I was so proud!

She had done well and it was so much better than where she had started! If you read yesterdays blog, you will notice the look isn’t that much different from where she started, which I think is good as we only wanted to refine her style not change it, but that it is a little more finished.

We are planning a day of shopping to add a few things into Sarah’s wardrobe and play around a little with things she doesn’t have in her wardrobe to see if she would like to add them in the future.

It should be fun, I have already picked the shops. I think she will be surprised…as will some of you! We will do another mini-series from our shopping trip.

Have you been inspired to work with what you have in your wardrobe? Maybe see things differently? What do you think we should add to Sarah’s wardrobe?

Remodeling Sarah – Wardrobe Revamp Part 2

As you saw yesterday…we have some work ahead if we are going to get Sarah really working her wardrobe and getting the best out of it. So now we are on to remodeling Sarah and giving her wardrobe a revamp!

I had just learned this great trick on how to turn your scarves into vests (more about this DIY in its own article) in about 30 seconds and as Sarah had a great selection of scarves she never wore, I showed her the trick and we threw together a quick look playing off what she had started. I really wanted her to start with something easy that made her look at what she had in a different way. She loved this idea and we came back to it in various forms throughout the afternoon.

Then we went on to the concept of translating home decor into her wardrobe. In other words, taking a concept she already gets and working it into something she has previously struggled with. We went with pinks and greens. Colours that will look great on Sarah and that she is already attracted to as seen in the quilt. This look is a black pencil skirt, but could be black pants, a short-sleeved, crinkled pink and green button-down shirt with collar, a pale pink cardigan and a great lime green scarf (since she has sooooo many!). In the winter Sarah can wear this with black boots or pull it on with black leggings if she needs added warmth while running the kids around. But it also makes for a great look to catch up with girl-friends for a coffee or lunch. I also showed Sarah that she could go with the same top and cardigan but wear it with tan or brown pants for a slightly more laid-back look.

Moving on we slightly shifted the colours by going with pink and tan/browns. I love this colour combination and as this is a favourite pair of pants for Sarah it is a look she is likely to wear! The really cool thing is the sleeveless jacket. Believe it or not she has had this in her wardrobe for nearly 10 years and not known how to wear it! She’s had it so long that it has come back into style!! This look is just layering shades of tan/cream and adding the mink pink long-sleeved t-shirt for a bit of colour. Tan pants, cream coloured camisole, pink t-shirt, tan sleeveless jacket and tan kitten heel shoes. Sarah had a strand of freshwater pearls that went nicely with this look. We added it in just to show we had made some effort.

While creating these looks, we talked about using layers and adding accessories just as you would in a room to create a finished look. Where most people have a tendency to put on too much, Sarah has a tendency to not put on the extras so I told her that her challenge in the beginning was going to be adding one more thing when she was putting a look together.

Still working around casual looks and still in the pinks and browns we used Sarah’s favourite tan pants, a comfy striped, long-sleeve t-shirt and added a brown cardigan. This is very much a look Sarah feels comfortable with and is something that she could wear any day of the week. As winter is coming and I like to accessorize, we used one of her pink scarves to pull it all together and keep Sarah warm while she’s running the kids around to swimming, dancing and all the other things kids get up to.

We continued our remodeling of Sarah with baby-steps and tweaked what we were doing by changing to tans and blues. The same loved tan pants, another striped t-shirt in blues and a blue cardigan.

Then we amped it up a bit.

By using the cream coloured camisole under the blue cardigan and adding in a fantastic bright pink scarf with blue flowers!

Sarah even had a beautiful blue bracelet that finished off this look really well. This is another lunch with girlfriends look or a good neat-casual look, maybe for catching a movie with the husband.

Even though these photos only show the same pair of tan pants, Sarah has a darker tan pair of corduroy pants and a brown pair of pants that can be worn with all these looks.

I loved this orangish granny cardigan and when Sarah said it was one of her favourites we had to work it into the revamp! So same look as previously but with the granny cardigan. I really love this one and would wear it myself if it were in my wardrobe.

We had to give the granny cardi one more casual look so this time we paired it with the tan corduroy pants, a dark blue long-sleeved t-shirt and an amazing orange, brown and gold coloured scarf!

Most of these looks were about showing Sarah how to layer items she has in her wardrobe to achieve a look and style that she felt good about and good in. It was also about showing her colours that would not only look good together but look good on her.

What do you think so far?

Tomorrows blog will show the dressier side of Sarah’s Remodel!

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