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Mission Impossible – Not So!

I have done it! The Mission Impossible of not shopping for 90 days has turned out to be possible!

At last my 90 days in the wilderness are complete!

Not that I am excited to have survived my 90 days in the wilderness!

Over this past week I have been sharing with you items on my Lust Have List and less expensive options for achieving those looks. Today I will give you the full list and what I have budgeted for each item.

Then if I am able to search out the looks for less that I want I will share those items with you and begin incorporating them into my wardrobe with follow-up posts that include pics.

Of course all of this will occur during the next couple of weeks and on into the next 90 days. As I mentioned before. I have set myself a budget of $1000 to update my wardrobe and find the items on my list after which I will be putting myself into shopping exile again for another 90 days. That will bring me to just before our trip to Spain and then all bets are off!

So, on to the list and the budget…

1. Metal Capped Toe Pumps/Heels – $200 - There is no way I can go through the next 90 days without buying into this trend. As I have said in my post last week about the look – I have to have it!

2. Denim Jacket – $100 - Not sure if I will go for a new jacket that looks vintage or just go vintage. It’s going to depend on the price.

3. A couple of shirts/blouses – colours to look for burgundy, mustard or taupe – $200 – I want some shirts/blouses that are flexible to wear to work or play and work into my wardrobe which is why I have chosen these colours. Plus the burgundy is one of the current must have colours happening in all the fashion magazines. I would like to get at least two new blouses for the $200 but will have to see what I find.

4. 40s style (below the knee) Dress  – $150 – No need to tell you all about this one, you know I love the Miu Miu 40s style dresses and that is what I am looking for. At a much smaller price!

5. Black Handbag – $100 – I know, $100 is not going to get me a Chanel and not likely to get me anything quilted or with a chain, but I need a plain black bag that can get me through to next August when I can make the big purchase of the real thing!

6. A Statement Necklace – $100 – I need something to add a bit of pizzazz to the more plain looks in my wardrobe. As I have a fair few beaded statement pieces and a hammered gold neck cuff, I’ll be looking for something gold and big!

7. The Cuff Bracelet – $50 – I will be looking for something silver because I really don’t have many silver bangles. Well I do have three but they are very thin so I want something big and bold.

8. Scarves – $100 -I know, $100 seems like a lot to be spending on scarves. But after thinking long and hard about how to change-up my wardrobe, and the fact that it is now winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, scarves seemed like a pretty smart investment. I’m hoping to get 4 or 5 good ones on this budget but will take what I can get and go with what I find.

If you were totaling that up, you’ll see that is the $1000 budget!

I’m really hoping that I can do a little better than that and either not spend the whole budget or get a couple of other items that I have been keeping my eye on.

Wish me well and please share any tips you have for where I might find items from my Lust Have list at or near the budget.

How do you think I’ll go? Will I be able to get everything on my list? Or will it be Mission Impossible?

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