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More Classic Hits – Pearls

Tuesday I shared with you my Great Gatsby version of the classic hit – pearls. Today we are going for even more! I have found some photos of inspirational looks that include pearls. Some are modern, some vintage and all get me thinking about looks I can bring together using my pearls.

I had to include several photos of Coco Chanel wearing pearls…because honestly…she is the original classic hit wearing pearls. Most impressive was her way of layering, stacking, mixing and matching. I’ve also put in a few shots of what I consider business appropriate pearls. Those looks with a plaid shirt and pearls because this is exactly the kind of combination I put together when wearing pearls to work.

Another favourite is bringing together a t-shirt and jacket with pearls. It’s a nice way to add a little chic to what can otherwise be a VERY casual look. Try it, if you are hanging out in jeans and a t-shirt and get called out to meet friends for lunch, a drink or a movie, put on a couple of strands of pearls and a jacket and you will look simple and chic.

One of my favourite looks for work is to start with a pencil skirt and a Ralph Lauren button-down business shirt (I have a great green one with pale lavender stripes and white-collar and cuffs), then add a few strands of pearls and a pair of heels. Look great for work and after work!

I also like twisting a strand of pearls with a couple of chains of different sizes to provide a harder edge that works well with a t-shirt, jeans and my black leather jacket.

There are so many ways to make pearls work for you. Is it any wonder they are a classic hit?


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Classic Hits – Pearls

I can actually hear eyeballs rolling with this one! Trust me, pearls are a classic hit. They are NOT just for old ladies. I was going to say, not just for Barbara Bush but then I realized that if you know who Barbara Bush is most “kids” would think you are old!

Chances are pretty high you will see me wearing pearls in a variety of forms over the coming month. However because I have decided this month is dedicated to “The Great Gatsby“, I thought I might start with a Roaring 20s rendition of wearing the classic hits.

Over the years I have managed to gather a bit of a collection. Back in the early 90s I bought myself a couple of strands of freshwater pearls while in Hawaii – one black and one a peach colour. Then I managed to collect a few strands from my mum that had belonged to my grandmother (plus a couple of bracelets). Then on the last trip the Fashion Mister and I made to Hong Kong I added a long strand of gorgeous white pearls and the Fashion Mister gave me a white strand mixed with onyx beads.

You’ll see many of these in the photos below.

I even have on some pearl drop earrings that I purchased at an antique auction. Unfortunately you don’t get a good view of them. As we are attending a Jazz night this weekend, I promise to make sure to get a better shot of them.

The classic hit – pearls are not just for dress-up either. I often wear them to work for a classic and refined look. And when all else fails and I’m all frocked up without the right jewelry – PEARLS – are my go to! I especially like to mix them with something tough or hard. A bit of leather or a flannel shirt always makes for a great contrast.

Be brave, be bold! Wear Pearls!

What do you think of this classic hit? Are pearls part of your wardrobe? Or do you think only “old” ladies wear pearls?

I’m in Love! Giveaway

Yes, the Fashion Mister knows.

It’s true, I’m in love with my new engraved bracelet!

How excited was I to come home yesterday and find this in the mailbox.

A Lovely gift from My Name Necklace

A Lovely gift from My Name Necklace

Personlized engraved bracelet

Personalized engraved bracelet

Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Engraved Bracelet: My Name Necklace has a great selection of personalized items, both necklaces and bracelets. You can choose from lovely monogrammed pieces that are delicate or something simple and chic. I really like this bracelet because the personalization is very delicate but the leather wrap bracelet makes it both fun and not too dressy. I’m thinking of how fantastic it is going to look with some of my favourite wrap dresses, my Desigual shirt/dress from Spain and with my killer turquoise wedges and mint Ralph Lauren pants! This bracelet will be perfect for wearing alone or as part of a stack.

My name bracelet from My Name Necklace!

My name bracelet from My Name Necklace!

It Gets Better: Hard to believe, but it does get better. “My Name Necklace” is offering my readers a 10% discount on purchases just by using the coupon code TIMEGOES. And for one of you who leaves a message on this post about why you want a monogrammed necklace, you will can win this really cool monogrammed circle necklace! See details below.

I want one too! : I love this necklace and think it is a great accessory for the Eastern Inspired trends of 2013. You get to pick your choice of 15 different colours to make it even more personal to you.

How to enter the Giveaway:

  • Leave a message here about why you want a monogrammed necklace.
  • Follow As Time Goes…Buy blog and on Facebook. (if you already follow both just leave a message here or on Facebook)

It’s as simple as that! The drawing will be on 23 February.

Be sure to take advantage of the 10% off coupon code TIMEGOES when you order from “My Engraved Necklace”. It’s a great idea for Mother’s Day!

I want to thank “My Name Necklace” for my new bracelet, I really am in love with it! And a special thank you for offering my readers a chance to win one of your great monogrammed necklaces.



Shopping Online – Samantha Wills

In the same Madison Australia magazine that I mentioned yesterday, the very same Madison magazine that I subscribed to because they were giving away a gorgeous Samantha Wills bracelet was an offer for $40 off your next Samantha Wills purchase. Naturally I had to check it out, so I hopped online and started window shopping.

There were a pair of earrings I had my eyes on and with the $40 off, the price was right.

Samantha Wills wooden box

Samantha Wills wooden box

Just like the bracelet, the earrings came in a lovely little carved wooden box. It adds to the excitement of seeing what is inside.


Samantha Wills - Deco Style Earrings

Samantha Wills – Deco Style Earrings

The little black velvet bag and the brass Samantha Wills label add to the excitement of getting a lovely piece of jewelry.


Deco Style Earrings by Samantha Wills

Deco Style Earrings by Samantha Wills

I just love the art deco style of these earrings. The turquoise, coral and shape are so classically deco I knew I wanted them when I first saw them a few months ago. I’m glad I had the opportunity to add them to my collection and at a bargain price. I think they will look as cool with jeans as they will with a dress so I should get a lot of wear out of them.

Do you do much shopping online?


All That Glitters

Todays Guest Blogger is Alicia from Spashionista Report, the trials and tribulations of a fashionista with Cerebral Palsy.


All that Glitters…

May not be gold, but it has to look good.

More than anything else you wear your jewelry should say something about who you are. Clothing trends come and go, and accessories often follow suit, but jewelry should be forever – and it doesn’t have to be expensive to look chic and stylish.

I get my sparkly things from a variety of places; the hip junior stores like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Maurice’s, my favorite museum’s gift shop, and eBay. I even have some pieces that were specially made for me. In fact, the only place I don’t get it from is the jewelry store.

All That Glitters - Costume

All That Glitters – Costume

If you’re going to go “young” jewelry is certainly the best way to do it. These are all costume pieces that are very inexpensive. I think the most expensive one pictured is the pink phoenix wraparound bracelet. Talk about ostentatious and youthful! I get no end of compliments when I wear it.

All That Glitters - charissemade

All That Glitters – charissemade

These bracelets and earrings were made for me several years ago by my best friend from high school. We had lost touch many, many years ago and only reconnected because of Facebook. Ever since then, even though we live on opposite ends of the US, it’s as if we’ve never been apart. She made these bracelets and earrings for me. If you look closely the earrings are clip-on because my piercings have long since closed up. One of the bracelets has a magnetic clasp – absolutely ideal for a Palsy like me who finds the fine motor skills necessary for operating jewelry clasps nonexistent.

All That Glitters - Frist

All That Glitters – Frist

The best kept secret here in Nashville, Tn is the gift shop at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. These pieces all hail from there and are incredibly reasonably priced. They’re also unique and distinctive, often reflecting the museum’s current exhibit.

All That Glitters - swarovski

All That Glitters – swarovski

Finally there’s eBay, perfect for “pointing” obliging spouses in the right direction when it comes to¬† . This piece came from Prague. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m crazy for all things Art Nouveau, and my favorite color is purple.

Don’t forget, all that glitters in not GOLD!

What’s your favorite costume jewelry piece? Do you wear it often?

Perfect Presents

As most of you will recall, just before all my posts about MSFW 2012 I shared with you the fact that I had a recent birthday. today I thought I might share with you the perfect presents I received from the Fashion Mister, Fashion Sister From Another Mother and my dear friend Sarah from the Remodeling posts earlier in the year.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch

Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch

From the Fashion Mister: I had been lusting after this Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch but couldn’t justify buying myself a sixth watch. Luckily the Fashion Mister thought it made a perfect birthday present. It’s fantastic especially since I wear so much brown and all the earthy colours. It also meant while I was in Melbourne for MSFW 2012 I was compelled to buy some rose gold earrings and a cuff, which I will share with you all another day.

Rancho Designs Resin Necklace

Rancho Designs Resin Necklace

From the Fashion Sister From Another Mother: #114 is the version my Fashion Sister From Another Mother gave me. It’s really quite lovely and you can wear it five different ways…which I still need to learn! This little bird is from Rancho Designs by Michelle Smith. There are a few other pieces I would love to add to my collection. They are all sweet and simple.

Silver and Tassle with scarf

Silver and Tassel with scarf

From Sarah of Remodeling Sarah Fame: Did I mention to you all that while at MSFW Runway 2 it became apparent that tassels on handbags and clutches were a big deal? If not…it was! And to prove how far Sarah has come with her fashion skills, she had selected a lovely silver clip with a mustardy yellow tassel for me, as well as, a beautiful cotton scarf that will be perfect for the upcoming trip to Spain. I’ll be attaching the tassel to every handbag or clutch that I carry for the next couple of season or until I wear it out!

How lucky am I to have received such perfect presents!

Death Wish? – Skull Accessories

While looking around yesterday for the best price on the Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf, I noticed there seems to be a lot of attention on skull accessories. Is this a death wish, the morning of something lost or just a way to celebrate life?!

Whatever the reason skulls and bones are covering everything from jewelry to clothing. So I thought I would round-up a few accessories to help quench your fashion obsession with the dark side.

These cute metal hair ties are from Chictopia and are the perfect way to show off your death wish without scaring everyone around you!

Would it be too weird to admit that I kind of like this bronze skull necklace from Frank and Doll? It’s 25 pounds sterling or less than $40 and it has a bit of a bohemian/gypsy vibe about it.

This silver and black ring is also from Frank and Doll. Cost about 45 pounds sterling / under $70 AUD. Just in case you like your dark side to have a bit of bling!

Now if you want to spend as much as you might on a full price Alexander McQueen scarf but you want your skulls to remain subtle then this silver skull wallet chain from The Great Frog will not only crack open your skull obsession but break the bank at 550 pounds sterling or about $800 AUD!

I think I’d have to be a bit more in your skull face and less expensive. :)

If you just don’t think you can live without a skull bracelet then I would recommend going with this one from Kekugi on Etsy.com. It may be a mans bracelet but with a stack of other bones bracelets it would look equally nice on a woman. And at only $23 USD it’s a bargain comparatively!

If you really want to go macabre, these bronze skull earrings with hinged jaws will show off your wicked, wicked ways without breaking the bank. You can get them at WunderkammerCulture, also on Etsy.com and are on sale for $10.50 USD!

I think I have fulfilled my death wish by finding all these skull accessories. Would you were any of them? I know if someone gave me one of the McQueen skull clutches I would take it and run! But I don’t think I will be embracing this trend any time soon.

Bugging Out – The Insect Trend

You may think you are bugging out, but there really are insects starting to appear everywhere! First there were birds and now the multi-legged mini monsters are having their turn in the fashion spotlight.

Check out this fantastic dress from Karen Walker. Normally the fact that it is crawling in bugs would be enough to send me buggy but the retro vibe, peter-pan collar and bright turquoise colour are all enough to actually make me want to have this dress!

I’d really recommend checking out the website because there are a number of pieces (blouses and dresses) in this great print. All of them are too cute and would be totally amazing additions to your wardrobe. This dress is $365 New Zealand Dollars, which is about $285 Australian and is on the mid range but definitely worth the $$, as it can be worn so many ways.

How cute is it paired with these dark oxfords and spotted socks? It would also be cute with a strappy sandal or colour block heel. And of course, as it is winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, I always recommend tights and ankle boots!

If full on bugs is too much for you, here’s a shirt made of the same fantastic print. It’s about $165 AUD ($225 NZD).

Again, cute as and a great colour. I know I provide links to my finds but I don’t often really REALLY hope that you follow them to check something out…I am this time. This really is a cute collection with a lot of retro going on.

This yellow top from Zara doesn’t have quite as many bugs on it but they are all definitely technicolour! For only $39.50 USD, this blouse will have you bugging out in a good way. I think it would be fun to style with a skirt, super short or super long and some sandals or wedges. A massive stack of bracelts and a fantastic big statement necklace. Finish it off with a bright or neon envelope clutch and you would look fantastic!

Another cute summer bugging look is this Butterfly Tunic, by Ted Baker. Soft, feminine and flowing at 79 pounds (about $150) it’s not the least expensive way to bug out but it is definitely the sweetest. It can be worn loose and flowing with sandals for summer. Belt it, add a cardigan and tights or leggings for winter. Plus the pleated skirt hits on another currently hot trend!

Even though the bugs on this Orion Drape Skirt are big and bold, it’s a cute skirt with a lot of personality. Currently it is on sale at ASOS for just under $43! That is such a bargain you would be buggy not to get it!

I couldn’t resist sharing with you this adorable Dragonfly Shirt I found on Etsy.com. I love the pink. And let’s face it, the dragonfly print is far less scarey than some of the other bug prints! Best bits about this shirt…no one else is going to be wearing the same print as you (so everyone is going to be jealous!) and the price is less than $30! It would look really cute with some retro high-waisted jeans and a big pair of pink wedges.

Unfortunately I’m not currently bugging out in the wardrobe trend. But I am heavily into the insect trend via my jewelry. These are two of my favourite bug themed pieces. You may remember the blue butterfly was given to me by my mum and had been given to her by my grandmother. I had it inside my bridal bouquet…something old and blue in one hit. The scarab was purchased on our trip to Egypt. There is something cool and timeless about it. It’s very large and can be worn as a necklace or a brooch. I tend to wear it as a necklace and when I have it on the chain, it chatters as I walk. I know it is just the sliding on the chain but it almost sounds like beetles actually do!

Okay, so maybe I am bugging out after all!

Have you been bitten by the insect trend?

DIY – Beaded T-Shirt Necklace

This idea for a DIY T-shirt necklace came about because I was planning to use the body of a t-shirt for another project and then became inspired to use all the leftover bits as well.

I have completed the other project, in fact two, but wanted to show you this one first.

Because my shopping ban included accessories and I really wanted something a bit different that worked with tribal and gypsy and was a bit of a statement, I decided I would have to create it myself.

What’s Need:

An old t-shirt (short or long sleeves)

A Pair of sharp scissors

An assortment of beads

I started with this old long-sleeved t-shirt that I didn’t wear because the colour just wasn’t quite right. You could use a short-sleeved one but I saved the body and the sleeves for other projects.

I simply cut from armpit to armpit, then cut off the sleeves between the shoulder seam and the neckline.

Save the other pieces. If you don’t come up with your own projects, I will be sharing a couple in the future.

Next, using a small pair of sharp scissors, I cut as close to the collar as possible. Leaving a section approximately 15 cm (6 inches) wide. You can leave more fabric or make it thinner depending on how wide you want your beading to be. You can also leave the front “bib” longer if you want your necklace to be longer. Just remember that the weight of the beads will pull/stretch the fabric.

I wanted my finished piece to have a slightly rounded shape, so I folded the “bib” in half and trimmed the outside corner to a gentle curve.

Then I cut the “bib” into thin strips. The width will be determined by the inner hole size on your beads. You will need an uneven number of strips so you can have a centre strip and then equal numbers on either side.

As I wanted something a bit tribal I used earthy/neutral coloured clay beads. Depending on the look you are going for you may want to tie small knots in between the beads as I did. This keeps the beads from sliding as well as adds a bit of texture to the necklace. As you can see I started in the middle and then simply duplicated whatever I did on the left onto the right.

As I worked out to the sides, I used fewer and smaller beads and alternated a beaded strip with one that was just noted. I found that pulling and stretching the strips actually added a bit of rough textural interest to the strips and made it look more tribal.

Because the beads I used were so heavy the collar of the t-shirt was stretched and hung fairly low. For most of what I wear that will be fine but for some shirts it would be too long, so I decided to cut the collar at the back so that I can tie it at different lengths depending on what I am wearing. You don’t have to do this if you are happy with the length of your finished necklace.

Considering the t-shirt was an old one that I didn’t wear and that I spent less than $10 on beads, I think the finished product is pretty good. I’m thinking about doing another that isn’t so wide but with bits of shell and pearls for a more dressy look. I’ll let you know how it goes.

So what do you think of my $10 Tribal statement necklace? Would you were it? With what?

Lust Have – The Cuff Bracelet

While thinking about how to best update my wardrobe, I found that I was spending a lot of time thinking about accessories. The Lust Have accessory for today is The Cuff Bracelet.

You may have noticed, I seem to consider all things Chanel lust worthy. This amazing cuff is no different. I love that it is black and white, a little feminine yet masculine, and that it is a whole lot of GORGEOUS!

But alas, I am a budget conscious working woman, so must continue to have my lustful dreams of this beauty.

Funny thing is while looking around on the internet I find this little white beauty from Seaman Schepps at Betteridge. The white carved ivory and pretty diamond bands. “How expensive could it be”, I thought. Well, to my surprise, just over $25,000! And that ain’t no typo! Pretty = yes, on my lust have list = yes, ever likely to be purchased by me = NO!

Even funnier thing, I looked at many cuff bracelets that I thought were beautiful and almost every one was over $2,500! Needless to say, I had to keep searching as I want a cuff bracelet, but I am not going to spend more on it than the rest of my jewelry collection is probably worth!

This cuff from Spangle is not quite in the league of the other two, but it is very pretty. I rather like the repeated circles. It makes it seem delicate. It’s about 50 pounds sterling, which makes it just around $100 AUD. Which means the price is far more realistic than the other two! I think it could be a nice addition to my wardrobe and classic enough that it could be worn for many years.

Here’s another one that is right around the $100 price, from Sausalito Silver Company. Again is has lovely curves to counteract the hard metal and is simple and classic enough to wear for a very long time.

The last one is actually a full on bracelet. What I like about it is the multi-strand wrap look. You are getting a bit of bang for your buck and you don’t have to stack on a lot of bracelets to finish off your look. It’s currently on sale at ShopBop.com for just over $60, so the price is right. This Kenneth Jay Lane Triple Twist also has a timeless look that I could wear over and over, dropping the cost per wear price down to cents.

I’m not sure, very torn about the right cuff/bracelet and having a hard time deciding on the budget for this item. Maybe my perfect Lust Have – Cuff Bracelet doesn’t exist in my budget. Do I want too much for my money?

Help? Anyone have suggestions?

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