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My Lust Have List Haul – The Handbag

As I work through a closer look at my lust have list haul, it has become time to check out the handbag.

I didn’t get the Chanel bag. But then you already knew that I wouldn’t. However, I think I got a suitable substitute. Especially considering I will be treating myself to the Chanel bag next year for my birthday!

The original lust-worthy handbag is perfect but wasn’t going to fit inside my $1000 budget even if I only bought it!

So I went to “Plan B” and looked all over for a bag that had a little bit of the Chanel style but a lot fewer numbers on the price tag.

I found this bag on sale for $99 at ASOS. It’s a non-brand name bag with silver hardware.

I like that it has both the shoulder strap and the handle for carrying options. It’s also just the right size to carry pretty well everything I would need in my handbag when getting around to and from work, which is when I mostly intend to carry it. The quilted flap is reminiscent of the Chanel bag without trying too hard.

I’m pretty excited that it works so nicely with the metal capped toes pumps and the silver bracelet also purchased for my lust have list haul. It’s going to make a nice simple accessory for a great number of my looks, both work and play.

After all, it is black…and a classic style, so it should work well with most things!

Now, considering my budget for this handbag purchase was $100. How do you think I did for my lust have list haul? Is this a handbag you would be caught out of the house with?

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Living in Black and White – Accessories

Life isn’t always straight forward or as simple as black and white but when it comes to fashion, living in Black and White is easy! Hopefully we have looked at a few pretty cool options for all facets of a b&w lifestyle this past week.

Now we just need to check out some great accessories!

As usual, I have cruised around the blogoshpere and found vintage pieces that I love and think will work well with just about any  style…or maybe just my style! I have tried to provide the links to each of these items for your ease in further investigation should you so chose.

Black and White Beaded Collar – I can not begin to tell you how much I want this!! I think it is amazing but because I am on my shopping fast, I am sharing it with all of you! I just imagine how great it would be with a strapless black or white dress. It could be a very simple dress that would become stunning with this collar added. A really handy piece to have when you want to go from day to evening. It would work well over any dress, strapless or not. And image what it would do to a plain white t-shirt or silky tank! I go all dreamy just thinking about it.

Black and White Bowtie – I think this would be really cute to wear with a tuxedo jacket and a crisp white shirt. The floral print gives it a feminine touch but still allows for the masculine lines of the tuxedo look. Tres Chic.


Black and White Cowboy Boots – You didn’t think I could get through this without some kind of cowboy boot did you? I love this pair and as they are vintage, they are already broken in for you! However, if you really must have your own brand new, I would like to recommend you have a look at Sheplers.com. They have tons of styles to choose from, the prices are reasonable and the shipping is international. I like wearing my cowboy boots, as you have seen, predominately with midi and maxi skirts but will often pull them on to wear with tailored pants to work in the winter.

Black and White Leopard Purse – How cute is this handbag! Again it’s a little quirky but it certainly has style! You may have noticed that I am currently loving square handbags. To me they are soooo vintage and capable of making a style statement without shouting in your face. When the shopping fast is over I want to add a black bag to the wardrobe. If this one is still around at the start of July…it is soooo mine!

Black and White Crystal Bracelet – This is a lovely bracelet but I would buy three and wear them in multiples. Certainly if one is this pretty then three would be spectacular! It’s just the right amount of bling to put on when you are heading out for a night on the town with friends or your Fashion Mister.

Black and White Geometric Print Headband – I like the retro feel of this headband. With its geometric print it is very 60s and 70s. Plus with my hair getting longer it is nice to have something to hold all the curls out of my face. It would be cute as for the weekend or lunch with the girls and how perfect for the day you are running late for work and the hair just won’t cooperate!

As always, I could go on forever but hopefully this has inspired you to find some cool black and white  accessories so you can continue living the black and white life!

So which accessories are your favourite? Any others you have found that you couldn’t live without?

Working It – Vintage Accessories

I have been looking at vintage accessories on Etsy.com and found some that I think are great pieces for work. They are actually great pieces regardless but using them for work is just a good excuse to purchase them!

First we’ll start with handbags. I like for my work handbag to be a little bigger but not unwieldy. There needs to be room for my wallet, lipstick, sunglasses, daily planner/diary, phone, pen and lunch for those days when I remember to get something organised.

This is a great classic bag from Dooney & Bourke. I love a good satchel for work. It always seems so appropriate and is just the right size. Plus with the shoulder strap you can have your hands free for carrying a coffee and texting at the same time! (I have linked the photos to the shop if you are interested)

This vintage bag with the resin tortoise shell front is just plain chic! It screams “You better pay attention because I know what I am talking about.”

I love the Mad Men look of this bag and with the colour mint being so hot right now, this would be a perfect addition to any wardrobe. Best bit, it’s only $25!!

I have chosen to share these two pieces of vintage jewelry with you because they remind me of jewelry from a couple of fashion houses AND because the price is soooo right!

To me, this yellow enameled rose looks very much like the pieces from Prada that are so hot right now. But with a $16 price tag any girl could afford to add it to their collection.

This final set of scarf clip and earrings is vaguely reminiscent of old Chanel pieces. Back when Coco herself was running the show. I know…they are far from exact but to me with the right look you could certainly work the vintage Chanel vibe.

And really, what girl wouldn’t love to be working that?!

Of course, my go to in the work accessories that are vintage would be the pearls from my grandmother. There are two sets, a single strand of white and a double strand of champagne coloured ones. If I’m feeling VERY Chanel, I layer them with either the black or white triple strands that I have bought over the past 15 years…which practically make them vintage too!

Tantalising Touches of Tangerine Tango

As with any full on bright colour, sometimes it is too much for a girl to really get herself into. So, if you like tangerine tango but are worried if you wear it head to toe, someone might think you have escaped from prison, I’d suggest finding yourself some lovely accessories in the colour. Accessories also work if you just want to spend a little money but get some great impact or freshen up a classic look.

From previous posts on Tangerine Tango, we know there are a wide variety of colours you can pair up with this years Pantone colour of the year and once you start adding in the shade options, the possibilities are endless! As with clothing in this colour, I could go on for days but have decided to just share a handful of options with you to encourage you to take in this tequila sunrise colour.

Yes, I know I have already shared this photo with you. But seriously, I die when I think of how much I want this handbag! I’m currently having a mad crush on all things Mulberry and this bag only amplifies my desire. Lust factor is so far off the scale it isn’t even funny!

This Tangerine Tango Cambridge Satchel is also pretty lust worthy. Clean classic lines but the colour makes if fun and fresh. If either of these showed up on my birthday, I would be a very happy girl!

Okay, I already confessed above to my Mulberry crush, so no need to explain why I included this AMAZING pair of Mulberry wedges! We are in Autumn here in Australia and these shoes are perfect for the season! I know I would wear them to death. With long retro, maxi skirts, jeans, grey, camel, or navy slacks…these shoes would pick you up and carry you right through the day with a big fat smile on your face! Well, they would me anyway. If I could decide which I want more, the handbag or these shoes I could just about throw in the towel on the challenge to not shop for 90 days!

This orange pair of platforms are a little dressier. Although if I owned them I would love to pair them with white skinny jeans, a beautiful white flowy blouse and some amazing orange jewelry. It would be a great summer look for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere.

Speaking of Tangerine Tango jewelry, these great pieces would make a statement if added to any outfit. As you can see, it only takes a splash of this colour to really liven up any outfit.

Even things as small as a bangles or scarves can add a bit of life to older items. Give it a go, I think you’ll like it.

P.S. – when my 90 days in the wilderness are up…I have a funny feeling there are going to be some Tangerine Tango accessories finding their way to my wardrobe!

Tangerine Tango or Orange Amped Up?!

A few weeks ago, while talking about the Tribal Trend, I confessed my love of orange. Although I tried to ignore it for years, over the past 12 months I have let loose and learned to once again do the Tangerine Tango.

I think the love affair began in 7th grade. I had a pair of burnt orange, brushed denim pants that I loved with all my heart. And with those pants, I insisted on wearing a deep, rich purple ribbed top that had a zipper on the front with a huge O-ring dangling from the zip. For the record, my next favourite colour is purple, but we will save that for another day!

Anyhow, we are many, many years down the track, I still love orange Tangerine Tango and now it is the colour of the year for 2012, according to the Pantone Color Institute. Guess I was about 35 years ahead of the times! Everywhere you look right now there are splashes of orange, mango, tangerine. It’s like being in a fanta flavoured dream, where you are dancing your way to heaven if you are a fan. Over the past couple of years, orange, has grown in popularity and acceptance with both consumers and designers. It’s a bit exotic and yet a bit friendly in a non-threatening way.

If you aren’t the massive fan that I am, you can start small with this sunset imbued colour, by adding in a handbag, shoes, or nail polish into your wardrobe. I simply adore this Mulberry handbag. Or you can be big, brave and bold – dive right in and make sure your last tango isn’t Tangerine free.

The last pic will hpefully provide you with some inspiration on how you can add Tangerine Tango to wardrobe without worrying if you are looking too halloween. And if you are like me and can’t get enough of this juicy colour, there will be plenty more options over the next few posts.

Perhaps it’s a midlife crisis colour. Or I am slipping into dementia and going back to the 70s when I had that mad-love for those orange jeans. Whatever it is, I don’t really want to think too hard about it, I just want to revel in the complete joy I get from wearing this intense, bright, and warming colour. Thank you Pantone Color Institute for selecting Tangerine Tango as THE colour for 2012. I plan to make up for the last 35 years of secret love by finding every opportunity to wear this colour for the next 35 years!

P.S. The orange shoes in this photo are very similar to the pair I lusted after and bought from ShoeTread.com.au. They have a great selection of shoes at a very reasonable price.


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