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2013 Trends to Love – Monochrome

In our continuing series of 2013 Trends to Love, today is about Monochrome. Which I find interesting because from my art background white is the absence of colour and black all colours mixed together, so that would mean that a classic black and white look can’t be monochromatic. Because, monochrome is created from one colour or shades of one colour. However, I don’t really care about that, I’m just excited that black and white is everywhere!

The Look: By now, you know I love black and white. I have posted about it several times here and here. In fact, many times if you look hard enough! Even my Football team wears black and white…that is how committed I am. (Yes Maree, I know when you read that you are thinking I should be committed! ) But I just can’t get enough black and white in my wardrobe. Today’s look started with the pants. How fantastic are they?! Love the hounds-tooth print and the black stripe down the leg gives a nod to the sporty trend going on right now. They are current season Target. A lovely white shirt from Country Road and a tweed (yep, more tweed) vest I have had for about 11 years!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Accessories: In continuing on with the monochrome look, I have on my metal-capped Kurt Geiger shoes and black handbag, both from my Lust-Have list of 2012. Then I stacked on the bling! A strand of black freshwater pearls wrapped three times for varying lengths, a white pearl with black onyx and mother of pearl flower necklace – just for a hint of old Chanel, a bracelet of multi-strands of silver pearls and crystals, plus one big crystal cocktail ring! Just in case that wasn’t enough I have pulled my hair back in a low side pony-tail using a stretchy strand of white pearls and my earrings are a cascade of white, silver and black pearls.

So really this look is on trend for a couple of reasons – it’s monochrome and it has a bit of sports feel thanks to the pants.

Some things I like about the look, besides it being black and white are the masculine side of the white button-down shirt and tweed vest mixed with the feminine fabric of the shirt, the stiletto heels and all the girlie pearls. It’s dressy without being too dressy and I’m looking forward to wearing this somewhere other than the City Oval! Plus, black and white is classic and chic, so it’s always a winner in my book.

How do you feel about black and white? Will you be wearing 2013 trends to love – monochrome – this year? What might you have done differently?

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Chanel – Designer vs. My Way

On this, the last day of An Affair to Remember Month, it seems only appropriate to have a face off against one of my favourite designer houses. So here it is, Chanel – Designer vs. My Way!

Now you know I love LOVE Chanel, wear Chanel perfumes, have a loved Chanel scarf, and plan to spoil myself with a Chanel handbag later in the year. However, I am neither stick thin or crazy rich so my love and admiration for Chanel stops there. And honestly, I would be really naive to think that anything I own could compare to Chanel clothing…BUT…I do have one look, that you may recall has a bit of a Chanel inspiration.

Today, I thought it would be fun to compare an amazing Chanel ensemble in the same colour palette as my Chanel-inspired outfit. And since I have given a bit of attention to pink, gray, black and white, that is where we are returning!

Chanel Suit - Pink, gray and black

Chanel Suit – Pink, gray and black

Almost Chanel Pink

Almost Chanel Pink

Vintage Chanel Inspired

Vintage Chanel Inspired

Not Quite Chanel: Yeah. I know. Not quite. but the skirt is similar enough that it inspired me to feel like I was wearing Chanel! And hey, most of the time you just have to fake it till you make it! Or at least have enough confidence in what you are wearing that everyone else thinks it is far more than it is!

That’s it for February and our month of An Affair to Remember. March is going to be all about Transitions and much to my shock, there may even be a little green thrown in there.

What do you think of my face-off, Chanel – Designer vs. My Way? Way off or near enough?

Post Christmas Shopping

I’ve been sharing our couple of days in Melbourne with you and if you know me then you know it would be nearly impossible for me to go to Melbourne without doing a little post-Christmas shopping!

After our lunch at Parliament House but before we stopped at this cute place called Madame Brussels for drinks, I had a stroll up Collins Street. Mostly because I wanted to stop at Chanel for some new perfume but also because I just love to wander by all the designer shops.

Post Christmas Shopping

Post Christmas Shopping

Seems I couldn’t resist Ralph Lauren either!

Chanel Perfume

Chanel Perfume

Signature Perfume: I have been wearing 31 Rue Cambon by Chanel for a while now. It’s definitely one of my favourites and I would consider it my signature scent. However, I like to have a lighter fragrance for really hot weather or for those days when my mood dictates a change. For a few years that has been No. 22 by Chanel but it was time for a change so while purchasing another bottle of 31 Rue Cambon I also bought a bottle of Jersey.

Robins Egg blue Ralph Lauren Silk Pants

Robins Egg blue Ralph Lauren Silk Pants

My Obsession: You may remember me obsessing over these pants by Ralph Lauren. I loved the robin’s egg blue colour, the fact that they were beautifully tailored, and 100% silk. The only problem was that I looked everywhere for them and they were sold out or not available, which was heart-breaking.

Mint Green Ralph Lauren pants

Mint Green Ralph Lauren pants

The Next Best Thing: So when I saw this mint green pair AND they were 30%, I did what I had to. And bought them! They are the usual Ralph Lauren beautiful fit and as a tallish person they are long enough to wear with a great pair of heels. I’m really looking forward to styling these and sharing some photos with you all.

I’m going to have to review a board I did on Pinterest about mint so I can get some fabulous inspiration!

Did you do any post-Christmas shopping? Or are you waiting for something special?

Vintage Chanel?

There is so much I want to tell you to set up this photo shoot. Most important is that this is my vintage Chanel inspired look. Which means, the look is inspired by Chanel and the skirt, top and jacket are all vintage or op/thrift shop purchases.

Next is that every absolutely EVERY time I have worn this skirt I have people comment about my Chanel look. Even those who surprise me by knowing who or what Chanel is!

Finally, the Fashion Mister took these photos before I went to work one morning. For those who know me, this is going to come as a H-U-G-E surprise because, a) I leave for work at 7:30 in the morning so before work is REALLY early, and b) I HATE mornings and there are actually smiles in some of these pics.

Vintage Chanel Inspired

Vintage Chanel Inspired

Vintage Chanel Inspired: It’s the op/thrift shop skirt that sets the tone for Chanel thinking in this look. Classic boucle’ in a white, grey, pink and black with a little black netting type fabric hanging below the ragged hem. I bought this at my favourite op/thrift shop for $6 a couple of months ago. The top is from my recent trip to the same op/thrift shop and cost $6. You may recall the handbag from my lust-have haul, the hounds-tooth stockings were from Target and I have had the tri-tone vintage inspired shoes for about 3 years.

Vintage Chanel Inspired Look

Vintage Chanel Inspired Look

Yep, there is almost a smile there?! Perhaps I wasn’t awake. It’s so not me in the morning to be this happy!

Vintage Chanel Inspired with a Jacket

Vintage Chanel Inspired with a Jacket

Add in a Chanel Inspired Jacket: This pink jacket with black trim is from a couple of months ago when vintage shopping with the Fashion Sister From Another Mother. It was the same day I found the skirt but rather than at an op/thrift shop it was at a vintage shop. Which means it wasn’t as cheap. I seem to recall it was about $45. In all honesty I’m not sure if the jacket reminds me more of Jackie O or The Simpsons episode when Marg finds the Chanel suit on sale and keeps restyling it to be fashionable at the country club?! Either way, it’s a great match for this skirt which is part of the reason I bought it.

Vintage Chanel Inspired with Jacket

Vintage Chanel Inspired with Jacket

Woops! How did that get there? Now I am sure I was sleep walking because there is no way known that I would be smiling like that before 7:30 in the morning! Or perhaps I have been taken over by aliens??


Vintage Chanel Inspired "Broken Down"

Vintage Chanel Inspired “Broken Down”

First a smile then a bit of silliness at the early hour. The Fashion Mister was being Mr. Jay and asking for a “broken down” look. It’s probably not my best but it’s not a bad attempt for woman who has only had one coffee to start the day.

There you have it. My vintage Chanel inspired look, collected over the last two or three months, mostly second-hand at a price that even brought a smile to my face.

Hopefully, this will show you a little of why I love to op/thrift and vintage shop. And that you can shop in those places and still look good.

I’m really looking forward to hearing what you all think!

Complete Your Look with a Scarf

One of my favourite ways to complete a look, is to add a scarf.

In fact if I don’t have the right necklace to complete an outfit, I just grab a scarf instead. I can pretty much complete any look with the simple addition and have mastered a fair few options in how to tie or wrap a scarf a number of different ways. As you may recall, I can even turn some of my scarves into vests! Of course all of this is made easy because I have a great collection of scarves.

Spring/Summer Scarves: This is a photo of about 2/3′s of my Spring/Summer scarves. These are certainly the ones I wear most often. So you can see I’m likely to have a scarf to go with any outfit! The most expensive one is the Chanel one on the far right. I’ve told you that story before, it works really well in the summer as a head scarf when driving ChaCha Diva with the top down. The next three in from the Chanel have been with me for about 15 years and are gorgeous silk scarves I brought with me when I left Denver. Same with the cotton-candy yellow one. There are a fair few vintage ones I have collected via op/thrift shops or Etsy.com and three newer ones, the orange/taupe/black one, the leopard print and the pink and orange one next to the red white and blue one.

Finish with a Scarf: Here are just a few looks that have been completed by the addition of a scarf. It doesn’t matter your age or size, a scarf will help you to complete your look polished, chic and sophisticated. It can tie (pun intended) a group of what seems like unrelated pieces together as in the bottom left corner, add a pop of colour like the top left corner, provide warmth or add intrigue. A scarf can be worn on your head, around your neck, made into a vest, used as a top or a sarong. Is there a more versatile accessory?

Finished with a Scarf – My Way: Here are just a few ways I have styled some of my looks with scarves over the last 6 months. I certainly will be making more selections from the Spring/Summer collection now that the weather is starting to warm up. I also have currently flagged 4 scarves to make the trip to Spain because they will change a look by their addition and add colour to a neutral palette, as well as provide some versatility to a small holiday wardrobe.

Here’s a little tip, buy silk scarves from the op/thrift shop or in bulk on Etsy.com when you find them. If they aren’t in your colour palette, use them to wrap a gift for a friend whose colour palette they are.

Do you wear scarves? Any tips on how to wear one? How do you complete your look with a scarf?

4 Looks That Won’t Go Out of Style – My Way



You know if I share looks with you that I have to make sure I can walk the walk and pull together the looks from my wardrobe as well. So, here they are my 4 looks that won’t go out of style.

The Printed Dress:

Why this works – I followed most of my suggestions from yesterday. I chose one of my most crazy printed dresses but made sure it is in a classic style, this one is a wrap dress and selected shoes that match one of the colours in the dress. They don’t quite match in the photo but look great in real life so I will stick with them as my choice. I used the black jacket to ground the look and it also allowed me to get a little more wild with the statement necklace. Otherwise I kept it simple and clean with an orange watch and envelope clutch, passing on a stack of bracelets. This dress is a jersey fabric which makes it so comfortable to wear and as it was purchased at Target it was a great buy!

The Pencil Skirt:

Why this works - Again, I followed the rules from yesterdays post, mostly, and went with a classic colour with a modern twist. The classic being that the skirt is basically black and the modern being the chain print, it also has a leather waist band which you can’t see in this look. Some would say the print is classic too as it evokes thoughts of Hermes scarves and Chanel handbags. The top is a light weight jumper/sweater with tiny sequins and dolmen sleeves. As I have done before, adding the black belt gives it a bit of a peplum look and to add to the vintage feel my tri-colour shoes that are screaming 40s. I like the clutch keeps it from becoming too vintage, so even though there is a vintage vibe to the whole look there is plenty about it that is modern and fresh.

The Coloured Pants:

Why this works – I know, you are thinking these aren’t coloured pants, but they are! They are actually a blue-grey colour linen pant from Ralph Lauren and I love the colour but find I can’t wear them with blue or grey so thought they would be perfect with this recent op/thrift shop find from Naked Art. The shirt is silk and the colours are fantastic and eye-catching. I have gone with a silver multi-hoop necklace and silver leather clutch, added in silver, purple and turquoise bracelets and finished the look with a pair of kitten heels that are heavily beaded in silver and blue-grey. Yesterdays tip suggested go big and bold which I have done with the shirt and accessories.

The Smile:

Why this works – This is one of the few pictures of myself that I actually like. Probably because I am about to have a coffee and chocolate! Two of my favourite things along with fashion. What works in this picture is that it is a real and genuine smile. The Fashion Mister had made one of his usual witty yet sarcastic comments just before taking the picture and I’m happy with the result.

There we have it, 4 looks that won’t go out of style and are worthy of investing in.

Most important thing to remember – a real smile never goes out of style!




50 Shades of Grey – Chanel Handbag and Other Accessories



We have focused on the fashion and faces in this little series of 50 Shades of Grey and now I want to share with you some fantastic grey accessories.

And of course, if you know me…you know I’ll start with Chanel!

How could you not love this grey patent leather Chanel bag? I love it so much I am tempted to make it a present to myself rather than the classic black. In fact I had a good hard look at a non-patent version when in Hong Kong last October. Everything about this bag, including the dove grey colour, screams chic!

More grey, more style, more to add to my wish list. I tend to select sunglasses with a tortoise-shell frame but this lovely grey pair could certainly change me tune. A little retro and a whole lot of cool.

We’ve seen this style of statement necklace in all the brights so what about a few shades of grey…well, silver, grey and black actually! I like it, I really like it!

I love everything about these grey platform shoes. The fact that they are grey – yes, the platform – most definitely, the ankle wrap and cut-out pattern – oh yea! These would be so fantastic to wear with my charcoal, pin-stripe suit and equally fun with my Tommy Hilfiger grey and burgundy plaid shift dress. They even make me want to find a grey skirt to wear with a t-shirt and these shoes!

You will remember this nail polish pic from an earlier post about polish trends I would wear. What could be more perfect for 50 shades of grey? You get 5 from just this one nail polish trend.

Okay, so this one is a loose interpretation of grey, but I wouldn’t knock it back! Simply stunning!

And finally, for our friends in London that are not letting the rain spoil all the excitement of the Summer Olympics.

Hope you enjoyed this quick look at 50 Shades of Grey Accessories. I know I enjoy the Chanel handbag and the dream that comes with it!




Lust Have – Skull Scarf by Alexander McQueen

As much as I love scarves and appreciate many things Alexander McQueen, I can honestly say this isn’t my lust have but that of 13coco at 1st on Trend. She and I both have the Chanel Handbag on our Lust-Have lists and 13coco loves the skull scarf by Alexander McQueen but can’t quite convince her parents it’s worth $500!

A couple of years ago I treated myself to my own scarf obsession, a navy and cream chain print scarf by Chanel. It was an absolute insane price but I had some recent exciting news and as I marched into the Chanel boutique I promised I was buying the scarf and not going to ask the price. I still love that scarf and how it feels to wear, which is usually in the warmer months as a head-scarf while driving with the top down on the car.

Anyway, as someone who understands what it means to have a scarf on your lust-have list, I have done some investigating for 13coco in hopes that she too can have her obsession quenched.

The chiffon scarf above is available from a number of sources and in a number of colour combinations for a wide variety of prices some as high as $700. However I found this specific model available at Harrods.com for about $250. So we have already saved $250!

The exact same scarf is also available at Net-a-Porter for about $200. So another $50 saved.

This slightly different version with fringed edges is available at Farfetched.com for about $322. Personally, I’d go with the other version and used the $100 savings to buy some great accessories!

This version is from ASOS and cost about $20. But I have to say, it kind of looks like it cost $20 and wouldn’t be my choice even at that price.

As you can tell from the photo this version comes from Scarfarts.etsy.com. And at $50 including shipping it’s probably a pretty good contender!

I also stumbled across this pink version at TopShop.com, and if I were going to get a scarf with skulls on it, this would be the one that I would want. I love the juxtaposition of the pale pink girlie colour and the skull print. There is a quirky sense of humour about it that I like. With a price of about $35, it really tickles my funny bone!

I hope this helps my friend at 1st on Trend finally to be able to get the Alexander McQueen scarf she has been lusting after. Or at least something that is close enough to keep both her and her parents happy!



Blazing a Trail – A Closer Look at a Wardrobe Essential

So the last two posts have been about the 10 Wardrobe Essentials and it got me thinking more about my blazers. You may recall how I’ve shown you a massive collection of jumpers/sweaters and pretty good collection of midi to maxi length skirts? Well, I am about to blaze the trail for my blazers!

My collection of 10 Blazers (one is hard to see in this pic)

I’m also starting to freak myself out with how many options I have! And you are probably starting to get the true picture of why I went on a 90 shopping hiatus!

Um, in all fairness…I can explain…really…it’s not as bad as it looks!

The 2 that started it all!

When I moved to Australia, I had sold or given away a lot of my possessions. As for clothing, I moved here with two large suitcases and those included shoes and vintage jewelry. After settling in here I started to find my new style. The style that I had played at in my early 20′s and then seemed to lose in my 30′s, I finally got back in my 40′s. Sure hope it sticks around this time!

Anyway, these two blazers were purchased from a local department store. I love the cream and brown print with its mandarin collar and lime green lining it has a very retro vibe going on. The bright green blazer with the embroidered flowers is beautiful to look at and with oriental prints making a comeback is still on trend. Unfortunately I have only ever worn it once in nearly 7 years. I think it is beautiful but I just feel it is too bright for me and wearing it with black seems too predictable and just not right.

Blazing a Trail – Custom

You already know the nude coloured blazer from the 10 Wardrobe Essentials post as well as from a number of other looks. Under it is the blazer from the other suit that I had made in Hong Kong, it is a dark charcoal grey with a very thin pin-stripe. Just to the right of those two blazers are two blazer/jackets I had made in Schenzen China about 5 years ago. They are slightly longer than the other blazers as they come to mid-thigh, which works okay for me because I am so tall. The one on the bottom is a plaid with a burnt orange stripe. I absolutely L-O-V-E the one on top! Everything from the colours to the way the colourful pieces of silk fabric look confetti. Both are too big to wear as fitted blazer but they look great over jumpers in the winter and with belts during the spring and autumn.

Blazing a Trail – Tuxedo Up!

I also love this white tuxedo jacket with its black trim. It’s very masculine in its appearance but the cut is so fitted to show off the feminine! And the price was right as I purchased it early this year at Glassons for about $50. Underneath is a grey and black tweed style jacket that I purchased from Target a couple of years ago. It’s got padded out shoulders which work really well with all things 70s and 80s. I particularly like to wear it with wide leg pants to go full 70s.

Blazing a Trail – Bargain Style

These last two blazers were both bargains. The pink one with the Marni style print was purchased from a vintage shop over the summer for $5! It is a great blazer with a nipped in waist and so warm that it can only be worn in the winter or on chilly nights. The blue blazer was purchased from H & M while in the US in February. I couldn’t pass it up at $50 and it reminded me a bit of Chanel, so I had to have it!

Well, there you have it. Not only a closer look at a wardrobe essential, but more opportunity to blaze a trail through my personal wardrobe!

I’ll see what looks I can pull together using these blazers for tomorrow.



Fashion Obsession – Ulyana Sergeenko

Okay, I never thought I would be that girl. I have a fashion obsession. And I am afraid I won’t be able to shake it until I tell you all about it.

Sure, I’m only human so naturally I lust after all things Chanel or Dior. Even imagining a wardrobe full of their haute couture beauties to choose from on a daily basis. But Chanel and Dior seem like dreams to me. Probably the type of dreams that just stay dreams and are never seen in the cold hard truth of my average girl life.

And that is where this obsession should stay…

…but I can picture it in my everyday world, so it won’t release its manicured grip on my fashion sensibilities!

Ulyana Sergeenko! Isn’t it bad enough she is gorgeous, is a famous photographer, as well as a well photographed street-style subject but now she has to become a fashion designer of the most amazingly beautiful clothes?!

I don’t want her life, I just want every piece of clothing she has designed over the past two seasons!

She has recently shown her Fall/Winter 2012 collection in Paris.

Each piece is breathtaking. Providing a feminine silhouette that’s a little vintage 50s meets babushka chic.

Ulyana credits both her grandmother and her love of old Soviet cartoons and films as her inspiration.

You can clearly find these inspirations in full skirts, ladylike waistline, military great coats lined with fur and chintz apron dresses. All of which are accessorized with babushkas, big fur hats and gloves, leather ankle boots with a fold over detail and red over-the-knee boots.

The traditional crafts of embroidery, bead-work, hand-made lace and knits are all brought to a new and luxurious level  that take the simple to stunning.

In my dreams it would be impossible to feel anything but beautiful and amazing in these clothes.

Okay, I might feel a little like Natasha the Russian Spy in the military inspired coat, but you couldn’t help melt a glacier wearing it!

I have gone on and on about her Fall collection. I think you might be getting the picture. I truly am obsessed.

If you haven’t seen her Spring/Summer 2012 collection I have to tell you it is just as fantastically filled with her signature clingy sweaters tucked in to 50s style full skirts that are every bit as feminine  and flattering as any girl could want.

I must find a way to own some of these clothes!

I want it all and I want it now!

Even when I’m sleeping this is one fashion obsession that won’t go away.

Ulyana Sergeenko – I love you – no – I hate you…


…is there a pill I can take to get over this?

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