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7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Day 7

7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 – The Finale’ of 7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD challenge!

If you were expecting something big and grande, I’m sorry that I have let you down. I did say that I wanted to stick with outfits that I would wear and as I had already done two dressier looks, it seemed sensible to go with something slightly more work related.

And actually, I really like this look!

Over the by now famous, or perhaps infamous, LBD I have put on my most nana brownish cardigan, because I both love it and find it comfortable to wear. To increase the warmth factor and work with the brown I added a pair of orangish-brown patterned tights and to tie it all together the leopard print scarf and shoes!

There was a time when I would never have worn black and brown together but since becoming more mature in my age and style I have realised that if it is good enough for mother nature to dress a leopard in black and brown, it’s good enough for me!

What I like about this look:

It’s a great mix of black and brown – all playing off the leopard print.

I love, love, love these kitten heeled leopard print shoes with the black bow and any outfit that shows them off is a winner to me.

How often to you get to wear your favourite nana cardi and look stylish at the same time?!

What I don’t like about this look:

I obviously need to pay more attention to the tights and make sure that I get the pattern straight. Not wrapped around my leg!

Well that’s it. Challenge completed. I could do a few more but they would mostly be versions of these same looks. Did you have any favourites? Was there something I should have tried? Do share your thoughts. I’m interested to hear what you think.

Any thoughts for another clothing challenge?

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7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Day 6

7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 of the 7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD challenge.

This time around I went for the layers and used the dress as though it were a skirt. Winter has rolled in and it’s freezing in one of the offices I work in so I the layers are as much about staying warm as trying to look good!

I like the casualness of the plaid shirt and once the cable knit sweater/jumper and red cowboy boots were added the look became totally town & COUNTRY, with an emphasis on the country!

The red necklace was bought while in Egypt for about $5 and the bracelets are just a mix of copper and wire bracelets I have had for years. Actually the copper ones come from the day I spent with my mum going through her jewelry box, which I wrote about in “Tag, Apparently I’m It”.

What I like about this look:

Layers – winter gets cold here and the layers keep my aging bones from creaking too much!

It’s casual and comfy.

Love Red…do I need to explain? It’s a great colour!

I get to wear my red boots!

Did I say, “I get to wear my red boots”? – oh, I did? Well I get really happy when I get to wear my red boots!!

What I don’t like about this look:

I actually think it would look better if the sweater/jumper were shorter. More of a crop style that hit about the waist.

It should probably have a black necklace for a little more contrast.

Do you think the layers break me into too many sections? Red sweater, plaid shirt, black skirt and leggings, then red boots?

7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Day 5

7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Challenge – Day 5

Day 5 of the 7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Challenge.

No, I haven’t run out of steam. I just wanted to do something a little more simple and straight forward. Keeping the focus on the dress.

I really like this colour combination because the black really makes the turquoise “POP”! The necklace and one of the turquoise bangles were Salvation Army Thrift Store finds. I think the necklace cost less than $5 and the bangle was $1!! How amazing is that?! Someone really wasn’t thinking about what amazing things they were getting rid of…luckily for me!

As stated at the start of this challenge, must find a way to cover the nana knees, so this time around I have put on a pair of leggings that I purchased in Hong Kong. You can just tell from the photo that they have a lace pattern to them. Much more noticeable in real life than in the pic. The black suede wedges although VERY tall, are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I could probably wear them every day.

What I like about this look:

Shows off the dress I fell in love with.

Shows off my curves.

I get to wear my current favourite shoes.

The “POP” of turquoise keeps it fresh and fun. Any bright colour would look equally great.

What I don’t like about this look:

?? Sorry, I like it all!!

I could have gone orange but was concerned about being too Halloween. Bright pink would look good too.

7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Day 4

7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 of the LBD challenge – 7 Looks x 7 Days.

I have this silvery grey duster-style  lace jacket thing that is from a dress I had when I was much MUCH, larger. I should have given it away ages ago but it is so pretty that I have hung on to it. Even carried it from the US on my migration south, but still haven’t worn it for over 10 years! Well now I think I have a reason, or at least a way to wear it again.

The inspiration for this look comes from both the hi-low hem looks that are popular right now and all the looks with the see-through chiffon skirts over skinny pants/leggings or short skirts.

Because the silver overlay/jacket is SOOOOO big, I had to add a belt to keep the look together but I actually think it looks pretty good. Just to make sure the look is really flashy I have put on a couple of strands of vintage crystal beads with a pearl and onyx necklace, silver and sapphire bracelets, bling ring and for fun, my pony skin black and white pumps, purchased from Nine West a few years ago.

I have some black polka-dot stockings that I thought about wearing with this look but felt they would just be too much, so I went with plain old black.

What I like about this look:

At long last I get to wear the silver overlay!

I have to admit, I love the shoes.

The lace is very ladylike and the colour is lovely.

What I don’t like about this look:

Not sure if the slits up the side of the overlay are a bit too much. (Don’t want to be confused with Gwyneth Paltrow or Angelina Jolie! LMAO – as if!!)

What do you think? Was it a good idea to hang on to this silver overlay/jacket all these years and all these miles?

7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Day 3

7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 of the LBD challenge – 7 Looks x 7 Days.

As soon as I thought of this challenge I knew I had to do something with this satin grey and pink polka-dotted shirt! It’s another piece of clothing I had purchased back in February while on a trip to the USA but hadn’t even taken the tags off of yet! I’m not sure why that is, I certainly have had plenty of opportunity to wear black or grey pants and this shirt would “work” for work. The shirt actually came with a matching sash type belt but for this challenge I wanted to emphasise the black, so I removed the matching belt and went with this black one instead. To keep it looking professional I have added a few silver bangles and one of my purple jade bangles, a simple pink and grey beaded necklace, grey tights and my black Prada patent-leather penny loafers.

I like how the pleats of the skirt provide a little fun and flirty kick to the look but under the shirt it maintains a sense of business. The grey tights are one of my favourite pair and one of the reasons I am glad the weather is cooling off…not to mention, if I am running late and don’t have time to shave the legs…nobody knows!! Well except you all now!

This looks is really comfortable and will definitely be making an appearance at work in the not too distant future. Any shirt would look good so I’ll have to see what other options I have floating around in the wardrobe.

What I like about this look:

It can be worn in a professional setting during the day, take the shirt off and change your earrings and could be worn out. You may want to change from tights to stockings.

What I don’t like about this look:

Tough call – I think I like it all.

7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Day 2

7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Day 2

Here’s the look for Day 2 of the 7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Challenge.

I love the lime green of the vest. It’s one of the few things I own that almost works for the pastel trend. I’ve had the necklace since a trip to Hawaii about 15 years ago. Peridot is my birthstone so you’d think I would wear it more often but I don’t. Just don’t have enough clothes that go with.

Okay, already…I can hear you asking…what’s with those leggings?!

To be honest…I’m not sure. They were on sale $7 and I thought they were fun and I own nearly nothing that would go with them but bought them anyway! Which may be part of the reason I started this whole shopping fast. Poor decision-making!

What I like about this look:

The green wrap-around vest looks great against the black and really pops!

It gives me a chance to wear my birthstone.

It’s actually very comfortable.

It’s a little fun and does kind of make me smile.

What I don’t like about this look:

I can’t say the leggings because I like them in this look.

What I don’t like it that it makes me want to buy a pair of pink wedges! Because I think they would be too cute with this outfit! Even though I don’t know what else I would wear them with!

I think this would be a good spring, having a lunch date look. What do you think? Have I lost my mind?

7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Day 1

7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Day 1

The challenge has begun!

7 Looks x 7 Days – all based around the same LBD.

For day 1 I thought I should push my normal boundaries. Even though you knew I was going to cover my knees, bet you didn’t think I would go with a long mustard coloured skirt under my LBD to do it! I used a giant geometric/tribal print scarf to tie the look together. Notice it has orange in it. My go to, gotta have colour!I’ve also put on a stack of copper and wood bracelets, and the hammered gold neck cuff, to continue the tribal theme. You can’t see them, but I have on a super tall pair of cork wedges that have a mustard coloured suede strappy sandal top.

What I like about this look:

The waist of the dress looks a little like a cumberbund or an obi which gives the look a dressy feel.

The double layer of flowy fabrics work really well together.

The giant scarf has actually become the star of this outfit.

It’s dressy in a comfortable yet elegant way.

It works the Tribal/Ethnic Trend in an elegant and dressy way.

What I don’t like about this look:

It’s not a look to be worn locally. It might just be too much for rural Victoria. definitely will be a night out in Melbourne for this one…although…maybe…if I’m feeling brave! It’s growing on me.

Would you? Or wouldn’t you wear this look?

7 Looks x 7 Days – the LBD

So what am I talking about, 7 Looks x 7 Days – the LBD.

Didn’t I say in the last update that we were done with black and white…well we are.

This is the LBD I told you all about. You remember the one that I had to fight with the shop owner to let me try on while in Hong Kong, because I am such a big BIG woman apparently!

I fell in love with this dress from across the street. It was calling me from the window. It knew it wanted to come live with me in Australia and when I saw it, I wanted it to be mine only! There were a couple of things about this dress that caught my attention; the girlieness of the fine pleats, the buttons on the shoulders (you know I love a cool shoulder) and the band around the waist, which I knew would accentuate my curves in the right way.

The one problem with this dress…the length. As you know, I hate my knees! They are old lady knees that have started sagging worse than anything else on my middle-aged self. So the trick for me to wear this dress and feel good, is that I have wear stockings of some kind, or find another way to wear it.

Recently, while reading my way through the blogosphere I found this amazing site The Uniform Project, where one girl pledged to wear the same LBD, styled differently, every day for a year to raise money for charity. You should check out the slide show that is a compilation of the 365 photos taken during the project. It’s amazing and inspiring. So inspiring that I have decided I should be able to create 7 looks in 7 days all based on this dress. I’m thinking if Sheena could do it for 365, surely I can manage 7. The bonus will then be having 7 new outfits!

I’m going to try to be creative with my accessories but keep it real enough that all the looks are ones that I would actually wear out in public! If I get too crazy or ridiculous I would hope you would call me out on it…after all, that’s what friends do. As I am still on my fast from shopping, I can only use what I already have in the wardrobe for this challenge. I’m thinking this may highlight the importance of accessories when working with classic pieces. Not to mention whether or not I’m very creative!!

Also, during the week if you have any suggestions on how you would like to see the LBD, please let me know and I will do my best to see what I can put together.

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